Super Game Feel Effects Documentation


1. Adding Super Game Feel Effects to Unity

a. Importing Super Game Feel Effects into Unity

To import Super Game Feel Effects into your project, either drag in the .unitypackage file, or get it from the asset store window.

Imported folders, what they do, and if you need to import them or not, alphabetically:

"ConstantShake.cs" is a bonus script for making an object shake constantly. "SuperGameFeelEffectsExtentions.cs" allows the rest of the scripts to be called as a camera extention. The rest of the scripts are the actual Screenshake, Kickback, and Hitstop effects.

b. Adding Super Game Feel Effects to a Scene

To add any Super Game Feel Effects script to a camera, select "Add Component" in the inspector of an existing camera. They can be found under "Utility > Super Game Feel Effects".

2. Getting Started

a. Tips & Tricks

The inspector window.

3. Functions & Variables

a. Screenshake

b. Kickback

c. Hitstop


Known Bugs

Planned Features / To Do List:




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